School and Program Mini-Grants

Providing grant opportunities is a direct and meaningful way to give back to the schools. For the 2021-22 school year, the foundation offered $100 mini-grants to staff who wish to incorporate music into their classrooms.   These grants provide learning opportunities that they may not otherwise have funds to implement.


Congratulations to the 2021-22 grant recipients!

Carlton Oaks             Mary Gillespie                $100      Recorders class set
Carlton Oaks            Naomi Daft                      $400      Recorders & music books
        Alissa Williams, Kristy Costa, Angela Panfilli
Chet F. Harritt          Joey Sutera                      $100      Boomwhackers
Hill Creek                  Gayle Uribe                     $100      Maculele Sticks
Hill Creek                  Molly Maloy                     $200     Yamaha Recorders
                                   Kristin Haley
Hill Creek                 Noelle Murray                $100     Wooden instruments
PRIDE Academy     Merry Board                    $100     Lummi Sticks, book, CD player
Rio Seco                  Susan Starkey                 $100      Desk Bells set & songbook
Sycamore Cyn       Emily Zobel                      $100      Speakers & Microphones
Sycamore Cyn       Erin Chuang                    $100       Tuned into Listening