About the SSDF

Our Vision

To help Santee Schools produce good citizens and future leaders for our community.

The Santee School District Foundation was formed in 2002 and is operated by an entirely volunteer work force.  All net income raised by the Foundation goes back to the Santee School District schools and students to support the Vision of the Foundation. The Santee School District Foundation supports literacy, arts, technology, and school site grants through fundraising and donations.

Board Members 2021-22

Foundation Board Members
Elizabeth McCune, President
Hee-Jin Peterson, Vice President
Karen Fleck, Treasurer
Monica Farren, Secretary
Barbara Ryan, Parliamentarian

Foundation Board Members
DiAnn Albert
Katie Borts
Mary DeMaria
Marcia Ginn-Tofflemire
Terri Knight
Janea Perez
Candace Schmitthenner

Foundation District Representatives:
Lisa Arreola
Dr. Kristin Baranski
Dustin Burns
Barbra Ryan